Dominic Hazell (Guitarist + Singer)

Born way back in time, on the other side of the world, Dominic has spent the last 20 years traveling, performing and singing to hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals alike delivering night after night, be it solo, in duos, trios or bigger bands.
His soulful voice and knack for catching the true essence of each song he performs has won him fans the world over, aided by his very English charm.
With nearly 500,000 hits on his You Tube page and well over 1000 gigs in New Zealand in the last 12 years.
Dominic is a solid performer with an impressive repertoire, a sparkling sense of humor and a cheeky glint in his eye.
He is a passionate husband and father of two and has never thrown a TV out of a hotel windows, ever!


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 Pol Nicholson (Guitarist + Singer)

Pol has been living in Queenstown since 2010. Originally from Scotland he attended music college in 2005 and spent a few years performing in various bands before catching the travelling bug and eventually ending up in beautiful Queenstown.
Pol started Freefall with Irish born Eamonn McNicholas in 2011 and they quickly built a reputation for themselves. With great stage presence and a large repertoire of songs they quickly pathed a way into the wedding and corporate scene. Eamonn left in 2012 to pursue an acting career and so Pol recruited Dom quickly followed by the highly talented Thom on bass and finally the ever awesome Jason on drums.  

With numerous years performing, writing and recording in the industry Pol has a high understanding of what it takes to make every event big or small as special and memorable as it can be. He also writes and performs with his other band Silkworm and in various duos in and around Queenstown.

In 2015 Pol also released a Solo album Twenty Three available on I-tunes.

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Thom Bentley (Bass Guitar)

Thom has been playing bass in original and covers bands, both in NZ and the UK, since he was a teenager.
He discovered punk rock at an early age and came to love the aggressive Doors-like stylings of his favorite band The Stranglers, particularly the bass playing of JJ Burnel. He immediately set to work on a paper round which saw him, 6 years later, manage to save the $50 needed to buy his first bass.
Over time he has played everything from punk rock to country, has a genuine love of music and brings this enthusiasm to every performance.
Together with Jason, Thom forms the tightest, funkiest rhythm section Queenstown has ever seen.

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Jason (Stumpy) Chisholm (Drums)

Jason was born in Gore and raised in Invercargill. He started playing the Viola at age 8, during his teenage years he played in the south island youth orchestra and the NZ secondary schools symphony orchestra. Having always enjoyed rock music he started learning bass at school and quickly joined a number of garage bands. In 1991 he moved to Dunedin to follow the dream of playing full time music. A band he was in at that time lost their drummer so he quickly taught himself how to drum and was gigging within 2 weeks. After 5 years in the pub scene there he moved to Queenstown in 96 and formed a 3 piece called Zero which released a CD and lasted until 2002. With a few years off due to a elbow injury Stumpy just dabbled for a while in a band with the remains of Zero. In 2012 Jason formed "Rock Felony"and started playing regularly with some other local musicians until Freefall approached in need of a new full time drummer.


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